AFFORD LIFE CARE is formed with the main objective of providing succour and care for the destitute. With this objective in mind, the home has established that provides comfortable, clean and hygienic boarding and lodging facilities with nursing and medical care.The AFFORD LIFE CARE is located in Nelamangala, in the outskirts of Bangalore.

The AFFORD LIFE CARE in India has marked a turning point for the destitute people of India. It has laid a true foundation for the transformation of lives of those on the streets. We are greatly honored to present this website to bring to light the work of this organization to a local and a global audience.

People / Staff:

The AFFORD LIFE CARE is well organized and operates through a team of committed and enthusiastic staff. Each staff is assigned specific responsibilities around the campus. Providing medication for the sick and dying residents, preparing meals, gardening, housekeeping, campus maintenance, vocational training etc. are just some of the responsibilities handled by the staff on a daily basis. The staff continue to accomplish their duties with single – mindedness towards fulfilling the aim of the organization.

Our vision

“We don’t want to see even one destitute on the roads. Our vision is to see Bangalore free of destitute and I pray to God to help me in my efforts.”

Our mission

“To help the helpless, hopeless and hungry orphan children and semi orphan children with the free food, free shelter, free education, free medical assistance etc., irrespective of caste, creed and class and religion and race.”